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Tổ Chức Vạn Thập Hiền Minh

9762 Kern Avenue, Garden Grove, California 92844

Tel: (657) 210-2991   Email: info@iottce.org

Website: www.iottce.org; Website Tiếng Việt: www.vanthaphienminh.org

With the purposes of serving the Community and serving people to have a peaceful and happy life. Over the past few years serving silently and reaching many achievements, The Interfaith Organization of Ten Thousand Crosses Emanated was officially established and had non-profit 501(c)(3) under the federal law of the United States.

Physical health healing

IOTTCE helps cure physical health problems such as myocardial infarction, paralysis, cancer, sciatica, joint pain, chronic headache, diabetes, cardiac, liver, kidney, and bowel. In addition, we also help cure skin diseases or skin problems such as bowel, psoriasis, pompholyx, zona, milk fungus in babies in particular, and fungus in general, and other diseases. 

Faith-Based healing

IOTTCE helps cure the sickness that is related to the psychic, spirituality, autism, and mental disorder, etc. Additionally, these diseases can be seen as a diverse forms, and its forms are extremely deep inside so it depends on the disease’s cases.

Importance: IOTTCE members are not doctors that have the state qualifications. Furthermore, the healing services and methodologies are the combination of traditional Asian herbal remedies that have been passed on from one generation to the next and other treatments from East to West to North to South, as well as the combination of religions and spirituality.

Tutoring After School 

The Organization also has other services to serve the Community including Tutoring Center for K-12. With the purposes of helping them not only learn and practice being good morality, responsibilities and duties as well as knowledge in school.

Cultural Education Program

IOTTCE with the cooperation of Zeyen Elementary School and Vietnamese Community of The Southern Californians (VietSocal) hold Vietnamese Cultural events to share Vietnamese cultural and artistic heritage in education as well as to promote unity and cultural diversity in Southern California and beyond.

Citizenship and Immigration Program 

IOTTCE assists Vietnamese refugees and immigrants to become naturalized American citizens by providing them application process guides, translated materials, and assisting them in filling out immigration forms.

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